Samantha Paris

Intuitive Energy Therapist, , Reiki Master , Crystal Healer , Om Chanting Organiser and initiated into Atma Kriya Yoga

Samantha has been highly sensitive to energy since she was a little girl , including picking up on people’s thoughts and feelings, and spent many years trying to desensitise her gift through a lack of knowledge and understanding. 

Having started her journey as a Beauty Therapist over a quarter of a century ago , Samantha had often been told of her natural healing abilities and healing hands from her clients and whom every she came into contact with.


Through acceptance and surrender in 2014 whilst living on the mystical island of Ibiza, Samantha awakened the truth in her heart and started her inwardly sacred soul journey. Samantha  began to embrace her sensitivity  by tuning into her natural abilities to Love and Heal by trusting to the Divine  that had always been within.


And began living and full filling her life’s purpose by being a channel of love and light, creating the space needed so that others can awaken their healer within. Through commitment and spiritual practise , trials and tribulations , seeking and forever learning and evolving. 


Samantha now aspires to reach out and touch as many hearts and souls as She can to share her gifts and wisdom and bring peace , balance , love , joy and harmony to humanity.

"Learning to love and honour ourselves and the body we live in is the greatest love we can give. For as we keep our cups full and replenish our inner well we become a fountain of love and overflow into everyone and everything around us ..

Healing means to become whole again ,wholeness leads to fullness which leads to inner peace and inner peace leads to outer peace .."

- Samantha Paris

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