Say yes to a better you...
Start on your journey to self healing through self love, self awareness and self care.

Divinity through Unity retreats have been mindfully created to help you awaken and develop the healer within. Our mission is to lead and support you along your healing journey, leaving the retreat with new skills and the ability on how to heal yourself and how to incorporate that into your everyday life.

Each of us from Divinity have walked the journey and are committed not only to our own self healing and development but to sharing our tools along the way to reach out and light up as many souls as we can, in turn helping raise the vibration of not only ourselves, but also the planet as a collective through the simple message of self love. When we are loving and forgiving to ouselves, we can overflow these qualities to one another.

Divinity is our birthright. Unity is our nature. Love is our religion.

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