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Reiki: Questions & Answers

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

What is Reiki ?

(Rei) which means “universal life”

(Ki) which means “Energy “

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing . 

What is Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki ? 

Holy Fire Reiki is a noticeably more refined  energy coming from a higher level of consciousness. 

How will I feel during a Reiki treatment? 

Most clients feel a sensation of relaxation and peace , the mind may feel calm and your physical body should feel relaxed . Reiki is so relaxing some clients may fall asleep during the session, don’t worry though you will still receive all benefits sleeping or awake . 

Is Reiki religious?

Reiki is beyond any religion and is for everyone, Reiki has no boundaries. 

What does Reiki treat ? 

Reiki treats all levels of our being the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

How does Reiki work ? 

Reiki is a hands on or off treatment working with the clients energy field and seven main energy centers (chakras) , releasing blockages of stagnant energy caused by negative thoughts and feelings and past traumas that may be stored within the body . 

How will I feel immediately after a Reiki healing session? 

You may feel totally relaxed or a surge of increased energy , each individual person and session is different. 

What is a healing crisis ? 

A healing crisis is something that happens when the body is going through a deeper healing , this can be on a physical, emotional or spiritual level. 

Common physical symptoms; runny nose , colds , diarrhoea, stomach aches , aches and pains in the body including fatigue etc.. 

Once the toxins have released and the body adjusts to its new level of health you’ll feel better than ever :) 

What causes healing changes to take place  in the body ? 

If you have experienced traumatic experiences in the past , or have been in a weakened or sick condition or have been operating at less than your highest level of health, toxins tend to accumulate in various tissues of the body . Stored toxins still create a burden on the healthy functioning of your system. 

How does healing in the body take place ? 

When healing takes place , your system will begin operating on a higher level of efficiency and begin releasing stored toxins . When this occurs, they enter the blood stream and then are eliminated by the lungs , liver , kidneys and bowel , through the skin and in other ways , causing the physical symptoms mentioned above . 

What should I do after a Reiki session ? 

Be kind to your self and listen to your inner voice , drink plenty of water and rest , allow what ever presents itself to you to be acknowledged and released. 

What should I do if a healing crisis occurs? 

Firstly keep in mind that it is actually a good sign and indicates that a deeper healing is taking place . 

Nurture yourself, release all negative feeling to the light , drink plenty of water , take cleansing salt baths , use crystals, get lots of Reiki , massages, sound healing, and allow your healing to complete, allowing yourself more time to rest is also very helpful .


Healing can also take place on higher levels affecting the emotions, the mind and ones spiritual life . This higher level of healing can manifest in various ways and can bring about changes in the way ones life is organised. When this first starts to happen, it can sometimes manifest as an increase in the pace of life . There may be many more things to do and it may also seem like there are many more loose ends that need to be taken care of . 

In addition some report difficulties with others as negative feelings come to the surface connected to past events with family friends or others . This is also connected to a deeper level of healing , this takes place because when people truly start to heal , their lives are affected on levels deeper than the physical symptoms about which they were concerned . 


The healthy thing to do is to allow yourself to feel these feelings and release them . 

Recognise habits of thoughts , feelings and actions connected to the changes that are trying to happen and with wisdom and thoughtfulness, flow with the process and allow the needed changes to take place . 


A “healing crisis “ does not always happen after a Reiki session but when it does , it is important to understand what is happening so you can support its completion . Whenever change takes place even if it is good , a period of adjustment is necessary so that the various parts of your life that where connected to the problem area can get used to the healthy new conditions. 

Note *

However uncomfortable or confusing your personal healing may be after things have settled down . It will become clear that important improvements have been made . You will feel much better and your life will be healthier and filled with greater clarity and joy . 

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