Kirsty Sharpe

Hello, my name is Kirsty, I am a sound therapist and one third of Divinity. I am here to share my divine light to the world.

For a while now I have been on a spiritual journey to find my soul purpose… to find what lights me up! I can’t say that the journey has always been easy, there has been an abundance of difficult times and challenges along the way. I have spent a chunk of my life searching for my gifts and talents and for a while, it felt like I was getting nowhere. I have learnt from my mistakes, the mistakes made me stronger. Now I truly know, that’s what makes us grow.


So what led me onto this path? I spent years with my mind constantly cluttered with negativity, self doubt and so much hatred towards myself. I lost my mum at a very young age and felt like I had noone to turn to, I was severely broken. I went through some deep, emotional trauma, leaving me lost and confused. I am grateful for these moments in my life as they are what eventually led me to the light!!! I begun to find my peace through meditation, yoga and quartz crystals. I spent 7 years living on the beautiful island of Ibiza. Surrounded by nature and living right next to the beach, I had the opportunity to breath in clean, fresh air everyday. That is what gave me the headspace I had Ionged for to start to finally work on my issues and to stop masking them with whatever I could find to cover up my wounds. I learnt so much about myself in this time and this is the reason I had this dream to make a retreat in Ibiza someday. Known as “The Island of transformation,” it certainly is that. I started to seek for alternative healing. Spiritual healing, energy healing, shamanic healing…. you name it, I’ve tried it! I was finally lead to the path of sound healing, which instantly felt oh so right!


I’ve always based my whole world around sound and music. From a young age I played a variety of instruments, the Violin, Piano and guitar just to name a few. I think music, writing and creativity were always something I really loved to do, but somewhere along the way, I got lost. Now I am a sound therapist, music producer and the proud mother to many musical instruments. Music and sound have always been my healer.


I went to India to become a yoga teacher, but came back wanting to become a sound healer. I was given a sound bath while I was there and it hit me in ways that I had never expected. The vibration of these bowls were like nothing I had ever felt before. The next day I bought my first singing bowl… and the rest is history.


Today I am working alongside Chelsea Freed from “My bowls sing” and Sammi Paris from “equilibrar” as a team, working to help humanity along on their own journey, helping them to find their true DIVINITY. I also offer one on one sound Therapy, Reiki and Tarot reading. To book an appointment, please follow the link below.


We are infinite light beings and we are all here to find our soul purpose, yes, even you too! So find it, make the change today!

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