Jade Yoga Life

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Jade’s classes focus on opening the physical and subtle body and allowing us to be intuitive within our body, minds and hearts.  Jade’s holistic approach allows students to connect their mind, bodies and spirit through mindful movement. 


“I love to help people grow, and become stronger physically, mentally and spiritually whilst allowing them to become more happy and confident within not only their bodies but their minds and hearts also. I am a firm believer that our emotional and spiritual body can have a direct impact on our physical bodies. I encourage students to become conscious of the relationship between their bodies and minds, whilst gently incorporating a little spirituality into their daily lives using my playful and mischievous personality and encouraging a little playfulness.


My classes aid the practitioner to surrender deeply not only into the poses but also their practice as a whole and with clear and concise instruction encouraging correct body alignment and gaining maximum results whilst allowing the practitioner to practice safely and maintaining that balance between effort and ease. “

Let Jade guide you through a sequence of mindful movements giving you the tools to bring forth a deeper understanding of self -awareness and transformation. You will leave my class feeling uplifted with a sense of stillness of the mind helping you to cultivate positive habits such as patience, focus, confidence, self acceptance and raised self esteem and release and let go of negative thought patterns.

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