Shellbe Bowditch She'gon'Prep

"We eat for nourishment and to be full in wellness"

Shellbe’s food is created intuitively, she preps and cooks’ dishes for the Mind, Body, Soul and spirit to balance and stimulate with Love and Mantras. Soul connected and in-tune with Mother Earths loveable garden. She lives and breathes the saying “We eat for nourishment and to be full in wellness!”.  


“I take a loving interest in choosing, creating, preparing and eating organic, plant-based foods and dishes that nourish the entire being. Originally, I was a self-taught cook, in 2018 I set-up a small meal-prep business from my home kitchen, cooking various traditional home-cooked meals on a weekly basis to assist the Non-Vegans In changing their diets or cutting down on eating meat, also to cater for Vegans with little time to prep healthy lunches. I started the journey in transitioning my lifestyle & diet in 2016 when Meat and Dairy products started to noticeably have a negative impact on my health. A life changing shift, physically, mentally and emotionally also the beginning to what gave me the inspiration to embark on the career journey “SHE’GON’PREP - Healing through food”. 


Shellbe has studied vegan and vegetarian nutrition, experienced and well-researched on the healing properties and life transforming, positive effects a plant-based diet has on the human body, her passion for health is what took her to share her knowledge and love through food. Allow yourself to discover natural healing and nourishment, work with the body’s seven chakras (energy centres) with an introduction to holistic rainbow foods.  

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