Chelsea Freed

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Chelsea Freed is a twenty seven year old Londoner who has been through the darkest of times. Though the journey has been extremely difficult with many demons to face from a very young age, what Chelsea has found above all, is the most beautiful light, and most importantly, that this light is within her. Chelsea’s mission is to spread her light to as many people as she can reach, and to help those people realise that they have their own unique light.

Chelsea’s spiritual journey began from a young age. But while growing up she blocked out her abilities and wrote herself off as being odd or different. Around two years ago, while going through her lowest point in life so far, Chelsea turned to the healing properties of crystals and began to independently explore holistic healing methods. Following this path soon led Chelsea to an event where a beautiful woman with a Tibetan Singing Bowl blew her mind and transported her to another world. This was a pivotal moment for Chelsea and changed the course of her life.

Fast forward to now, Chelsea is qualified in Sound Energy Therapy & Vibroacoustic Massage with Himalayan Singing Bowls. 

Chelsea lives and breathes Sound Healing. Her purpose is to help others experience what she has and uplift them alongside Kirsty and Sammi, two amazing spiritual earth angels that fate has brought into her life.

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